I believe that when people meet and get the opportunity to talk 1-on-1, mutual understanding will lead to appreciation, opportunities and value. 
        In practice this means Takecarebnb helps Dutch families host legal refugees. They are enabled to get refugees out of current depressing facilities and provide a room. This way integration starts fast in an intimate and positive environment.
From February 2015 on I initiated, designed and developed the concept of Takecarebnb. In November I founded the foundation and installed a 3-people management team. I inspired a group, now consisting of more than 20 enthusiastic volunteers. Currently we are evaluating the pilot where 15 refugees are hosted, to improve our methods and seek new revenues to secure a durable impact.

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In close cooperation with a vast network of dedicated volunteers I design a network solution to house refugees in possession of a residence permit. 


The number of refugees around the world is at record-hight. As prof. Dr. Adrián Groglopo wrote in the New York Times, the fact that these people live separated from society adds to tensions and misunderstanding.


The refugees who are allowed to stay, compete with local citizens for the same popular space: one-person and cheap. Local governments struggle to make this work.


Like other Western countries, the Dutch government fails to comply to their legal task to provide refugees housing. In the Netherlands alone they lag 13.000 places: people that have to stay in depressing places, in stead of building a new live. 

I believe the successful methods like Airbnb in supply & demand could provide a working system-solution by connecting the dots.


Takecarebnb.com might present a practical solution: accommodation that is yet not available for this purpose will turn accessible. But more important, the refugee will participate in daily life within another racial and social environment, and can start to belong right away, not after living in isolation in containers for months after being awarded a permit, as is reality now.

This could possibly not only facilitate mutual understanding between him and his hosts, but perhaps the whole mutual perception of groups: the refugee might function as an ambassador as it were. Will the word ‘refugee’ turn to ‘guest’?