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A human and systemic approach to welcome refugees at home.

Every year, tens of thousands of refugees make it to the Netherlands. If granted refugee status, they await housing in an asylum centre. As municipalities struggle with their duty to house these “holders of status”, refugees are experiencing stress instead of vital rest and support.

TakecareBnB 2015


Together we initiated ‘TakecareBnB’: a platform where people are matched with people who offer a place to stay for approximately three months. Herby addresses that while many people want to help, most of them are unsure how. The stay-over creates a two-sided, unique and rich experience.


The result
  • After inevitable struggles, we created a stable and effective fit within the ecosystem without giving up our unique role and offer.

  • The organisation collaborates with the ministry and connects 400 refugees and hosts per year.

My role:
  • Designing the basic principle, building the platform's first version, introducing the first group of enthusiasts together, and establishing the foundation.

  • Bonding the first group of refugees who wanted to stay with families and creating a warm social synergy with the first hosts.

  • Overseeing, guiding and supporting the team in its delicate first year, then stepping back to allow dedicated expertise to enhance the solid foundations of the program.

"Strangers are strangers until they meet" - Chef's Special

600+ matches

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