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An innovation agency with guts. Innovation should not be talked or pondered: it should be done, experienced and done again.


In 2017, Martijn Bekking left ING Bank, and together we founded Grow a Pair. We learned a million invaluable lessons we could not realise elsewhere - and had an amazing time doing so.

Grow a Pair


We brought our expertise with a clear vision: Innovation should not be discussed or over-analysed: It should be. Most improvement decisions are impossible in this dynamic world: You experiment towards a vision.


The result
  • Helped > 20 clients with an honest, hands-on approach: “We don’t know, but we do know how to find out”.

  • Almost all our clients rehired us.

  • An entrepreneurial spirit instilled in many people: If you want to improve something, you don’t always need a big budget: You can start small!

My role:
  • Acquiring clients, executing analysis, synthesis and facilitation of projects and account management.

  • Designed all used materials and deliverables.

  • We shared the hiring of co-workers, setting strategies and goals.

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"Ik ben trots op het resultaat dat het team samen met Grow a Pair heeft gerealiseerd."
Tamara Pieterse, Bestuur – Zorgbalans

5 years of positive revenue and happy clients

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