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Welcome! My name is Reinout. I'm a service designer.


When we get in touch to solve problems that matter, we will

Dream, Dance & Deliver.


Imagine... Taking a fantastic adventure with your colleagues, clients, and others… What is their untapped potential? What is truly worth spending your limited time on?

I will listen carefully and help envision this future, with inspiration and vivid examples in word and image. I’ll sketch the possibilities and value, including concrete actions to get you and your team there. 

I supply your team with imagination, purpose, transformational and uncomfortable questions.

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Nothing meaningful can be achieved alone. Like The A-Team, the Paw Patrol or a Football team: you need the synergy of several skills to excel. Like a dance, we need to build a similar rhythm to achieve shared goals and flourish.

I will primarily coach the multidisciplinary team by asking questions. We will invest in a systemic approach and co-creation with users and other stakeholders.

I will bring: entrepreneurial energy, coaching, customized methodology, change management, and a towel.


Good intentions without impact can frustrate. Small steps forward will create fresh energy and fuel actions. Even failed attempts are progress.


This is key in my unique approach to experiments and action; I will assist you with a straightforward and no-nonsense approach and convert insights into measurable results to achieve your goals.

I am here to make the team successful: venture building, proposition development, prototypes and experiments, continuous learning and co-creation.



I am Reinout de Kraker, a 40-year-old father living with my partner and two sons in Rotterdam. I have been a service designer for 15 years. I established two companies that continue to impact, being thankful for the teams that enabled me to do so.


The other 95% of my ideas have failed beautifully in some way or another :)

I love to go beyond and to infinity, create adventures with my family, play football on a social level at my beloved “FC Steeds Hooger” and like to paint animals on walls.

I have been a service designer for 15 years now. 

I have been lucky to participate in teams as an employee, founder, freelancer and team manager. Here I present 5 cases, and 26 collaborations I had the pleasure to be part of.




"Strangers are strangers until they meet" - Chef's Special



A human and systemic approach to welcome refugees at home.


Let's go!

I'll get back to you soon!


Other adventures

More adventures

In 15 years I enjoyed experiencing 'Life: How things work behind the screens' in 26 collaborations I had the pleasure to be part of.

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