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In 2016 ING Bank Paris invited me to solve a business question in 6 weeks by introducing an experimentation approach to answer critical assumptions.

To open a joint account, customers had to input too much effort. This is a big problem because the market value of these accounts is high. The investment for improved solutions was expensive and uncertain.

ING Bank Paris


We designed a unique landing page to offer potential joint account holders a choice: Register the old way (one by one) or the new (together). The big challenge is privacy and security issues because of the required personal data.


The result
  • The top result was the start-up energy that emerged in Paris. Developers, lawyers, administrative staff and receptionists all contributed.

  • Colleagues were introduced and made new dynamic connections: “Does it work? Is there anything I can do? Can I see something already?”.

My role:
  • After identifying the challenge, context, possibilities and restrictions, we designed an experiment and solved several impossibilities in its execution..

paris (2).png
"If option A and B don't work, Reinout will provide solution C, D and E. Plus he is a nice guy to work with!  
Nicolas Serre, Head of Digital & Innovation – ING Bank France

6 weeks development of working prototype

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