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200 people pilot to test prevention of care costs with a sound business model. Responsibility for success shared between all involved.

It seems a no brainer: A health insurer preventing illness. However, prevention as an investment is unsure. When the acquisition lands with healthy people or participants fail to complete the coaching, the investments go to waste.

Zilveren Kruis


We created a 6-month program containing training, coaching and sport, exclusively offered to people with a BMI of 26 to 31 - This overweight has a high correlation with costs of care. The goal is a 10kg weight loss in the first three months and retaining it for another 3.

Three parties agreed: If the participant stopped before completion, he had to pay (€350). If the participant complied with the program, they received it for free, regardless of achievements. Suppose they completed the program and attained the goal the health insurer paid. Our novel approach -  if the participants completed the program and didn’t achieve the plan, the program provider paid.


The result
  • Programs like this tend to show 5-15% success. Here 89% of 200 people attained the goal.

  • We acquired the participants via employers, who were ecstatic: At last, a health insurer who cared for their employees.

My role:
  • Designing the basic principle, recruiting participants and partners, and executing a pilot of 200 participants located throughout the Netherlands.

  • The project received publicity in Dutch national media outlets.

Miriam Schelvis, expert Health KLM: "Gedurende het traject zien we een drive ontstaan, dit is vervolgens de aanjager voor een duurzame gedragsverandering."

189 x 10 kg weigth loss (sustained for 6 months)

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