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Intensive Customer Journey research + formation of dedicated execution team.

UWV executes laws that help the unemployed (massive oversimplification!). With numerous complex services delivered to approximately 1 million customers, leaving the latter dissatisfied too often. How to improve?



We led the implementation and development of the “customer journey” initiative. We supervised 7 of these processes, each time examining and improving a critical function in 4 weeks. We analysed the difficulties customers had to deal with, involving all stakeholders along the process.


The result
  • We led the sessions in the first projects, and the UWV team assisted. After shared sessions, we switched roles. Today a group, through coaching & reflection, performs independently.

  • More than 90 accurately described improvement initiatives, complete with prototypes, prioritisation, and visualisations.

  • Improved communication, collaboration and understanding between different departments and divisions.

  • Improved results, both for the customer and internal processes.

My role:
  • Design, execution & facilitation of the sessions

  • Coaching of employees in customer research

  • Creation and production of deliverables

“Grow a Pair heeft ervoor gezorgd dat het UWV de pijnpunten die onze klanten ervaren, heeft gevonden en vervolgens om heeft gezet naar concrete oplossingen en experimenten. Ze weten daarin snel te werken en alle delen van een organisatie bij te betrekken.”
Ben van der Hee - Hoofd Klantexpertise

7 x 4 weeks thorough research & 100+ improvements

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