Don't put the customer first

When hip, design-thinking consultants finally land their spot at the table of larger service providers, they start doing what they do best: design services to answer the (covert) wishes of customers. Surprisingly this is often an eye-opener and results are staggering: sales go up, cost go down and everybody is smiling.

Everybody? Not really. The people who are actually providing the service hands-on, at the keyboard, phone and the door are often presented with an extra task, in a work-around system, next to the actual system that already consisted of 12-16 interfaces that look like they were built in the same era of Tetris. And often are.

I believe that this is exactly what the larger service providers is keeping from the next step in Design Thinking. To achieve real durable results you will have to put the actual service provider first.

This will not come with a shiny user interface you can show off on events and to your customers or use the results for sales. This entails making the life of your customer facing colleagues as comfortable as possible, resulting in a way better service for less effort (e.g. less cost, lower stress, higher NPS).

And yes, this means having discussions with IT. Perhaps perceived as awkward, but once you get to know them and their interests, you'll find a willing and very able partner.

For help with this I can recommend Live|work and Boana. Or get in touch with me for some explorations on how these experience can help you out.

#customerservice #serviceprovider #IT #innovation

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