Rabobank get's it, or not?

I lost my wallet. This will never be a reason to plan festivities, but as a service designer I at least find some pleasure in checking what's the status of service of the companies I carried in that wallet in the form of cards. Replacing a lost card might be straight forward, or at least easy to compare.

  • Drivers licence: still have to go in person to the municipality, fill in forms...mweh

  • Public Transport pass: One phone call, 3 days later a new card in my mailbox: quite good!

  • Rabobank Maestro & Creditcard: Awesome! Log in to the app, check 2 boxes, and voilà: no phone calls, no hassle, just 2 minutes work and everything is settled. Really well done!

Speaking of Rabobank; there is still room for improvement. Before I traveled to Chili for a road trip with my significant other, I bought Chilean Pesos. We bought a car there, which required more cash than you can get your hands on easily.

When we got back (and sold the car), it turned out Rabobank doesn't buy Pesos back. Shit.

And instead of being honest and clear about it, they act like they can't do anything about it. Which leads to this funny, but very annoying discussion (in Dutch). When your business rules dictate you cannot help me, you might want to reconsider your priorities, but as long as you cannot help me, at least be straight about it.

#service #servicelevel #banking #financialservices #money

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