Why is the new SPA campaign about waste?

Spa has a new branding strategy. And Edwin van Dijken is quite pleased with the visible results: "Spa is one of the best known and strongest brands in the Netherlands. We wanted a campaign that reflects that status. The concept of the new campaign matches perfectly with the vision for the brand. It is ambitious and we have not made it easy on ourselves, but we are particularly proud of the result."

And rightfully so; the video looks awesome. But that is exactly my concern: Why is so much effort, talent and money spend on pushing people to buy bottled water. In Holland, and I believe for the better part of the area where the commercial is shown, the best and most perfect water is available everywhere, always, for next to nothing.

So when this new strategy is succesful (and why wouldn't it be: it looks really great), people will spent more money on stuff they don't need, and the amount of plastic in the environment will increase. Which is one of the biggest threads to clean water...

... I would like to challenge SPA and the people at Darw!n to step up, and don't do what always been done, but direct their attention on the real 'why' of SPA: providing people with pure water. Pushing people to buy bottles is the exact opposite of achieving that goal.

Update: please read this article on why not to buy bottled water, published later in de Volkskrant.

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