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An playful app that enables you to create your own line-up for your favorite festival

It is like sportsmanager, for music festivals!


Wouldn't it be great if you could build your own line-up for your favorite festival? Well, now you can. Or rather, you will. An app to provide you this experience is under construction right now, and customer, legal and market research is being done.

MFP: coming in 2024


Market research is being done through Instagram ads and a form.

A proof of concept is made in Google Sheets

A Playable prototype is under construction and expected to go live november 2023!


My role:
  • Concepting and development

  • Designing the basic principle and UX and user flow. Sketching the platform's first version.

  • Acquire the first group of enthusiasts, and establishing the foundation.

  • Doing market research.

  • Getting legal advice.

dance_Zeichenfläche 1.png
"Music is the thing I do that gets me through" - Fat Freddy's Drop

Who is making
MFP and the ad campaigns?

Check it here.

Image by Aranxa Esteve
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