ING Bank customer journey expert

Within ING Bank there is a strong believe that if they won't learn to innovate faster, the company will seize to exist within the next 10 years.


I worked 10 months freelance for ING Bank, working as a full member of three teams each developing a new proposition.  I coach these groups in the application of various innovation canvasses, and the use of quick validation and iteration loops:

  • Living

Challenge: The mortgage offering market is getting more hostile. Plus customers tend to shop for a mortgage when their bid for a house is already accepted. A less than ideal s​ituation to compete in. So we made a deep dive into the whole customer journey before the bidding process. And created a real added value service that will hit the market next summer, to bind the customer much sooner in a trusting and committed relation.

  • Start-up Squat.

Challenge: Today's start-ups might be tomorrow's corporate client. And informal investors are interested. But ING's business rules, rule out a direct investment in start-ups. How to be of value in another way?​

We interviewed several dozens of startup entrepreneurs and informal investors, and arrived at a beautiful service that excites both sides and will probably go life this summer.

  • Digital 20

ING is still ahead in personal-mobile-banking, but for how long? Left and right fin-tech startups close in. We tested a series of opportunities, created a roadmap of which step 1 will be life later this year as a new-to-world service that will help customers keep track of their financials and save the average customer 50-250 euro's per year.