By applying Design Thinking methodology
I can help your organization

design, test and validate

the best services
customers will love to use.

What is Service Design? When limited to 3,5 minutes, it would be hard to do a better job explaining than this video does.

Published by Fjord, it explains why Service Design is Customer Centric, Holistic and about Co-creation.

And how these three are not rhetoric but the essential difference between winning and losing.

Reinout de Kraker

Invited to speak as senior service designer on my experiences in design for health
What is design?

Design is not how the couch looks or the font on a website. Design is how people deal with each other.


Illegal downloads, pollution or obesity are not problems people choose to have, but results of badly designed interactions.


I truly believe that when people are given the right tools, they will participate in a more positive society. As they pay for these tools, this impact will be durable.

Impact on health.

Impact on society.

Impact for local government.

Impact on consumerism.


From a consumers' point of view it may mean a choice of a lifetime:

Misunderstanding, frustration and even hate or having the tools provided to be a better person.


How may I help you?

I'm a service designer. I take a fresh perspective on everything and I think: what could be better? 


With the toolbox that design thinking provides, plus a 9yr experience in applying these tools, I create ideas & inspire teams to develop these to tangible (social) business concepts.

See those concepts.


In this way I enable people to have an bigger & more relevant impact and to have a great time doing it.

Ask me how


Good design is likely to be the difference between firing colleagues 3 years from now because you lost your edge - and still being relevant because you started doing something different today


Service design blog

Here I will share my thoughts and ideas on Service Design and everything related: Companies that do well and serve as an example, companies that could do a lot better (and serve as an example as such), books, movies and other experiences.



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Kilo overweight reduced in NL


Refugees hosted by Dutch families


point NPS gain by cutting costs


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